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Starboard Documentation

Starboard Setup

A starboard is a channel in which starred messages are sent to, normally this involves funny messages or memes. For a message to be sent to the starboard it has to be starred by the same number of people as set with m.starlimit <number>, which defaults to 3!

Starboard Creation

To setup a starboard on your server, simply use m.starboard, please note that you must be a Moderator of the server to do this. Additionally, Mila also requires the Manage Channels permission to do this.


Star Requirement

In order for a message to make entrance into the starboard, it must first reach a certain number of stars. By default this is 3, but can be adjusted with m.starlimit <number>!


Star Emoji

Often, people come across a really good-looking star emoji that they think would be great to use on a Starboard. Luckily, Mila has an implementation to do just that! Simply use m.staremoji [emoji] to change the Starboards star emoji, this will only allow stars to be picked up by that one emoji however!