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Music Command Documentation


Music Commands are commands that interact with our Music Server and plays music in a Voice Channel.


[] = Optional Argument | <> = Required Argument

Name Description Usage
dc Disconnects from the vc m.dc
find Searches for a song m.find <query>
np Shows current song
pause Pauses/unpauses the song m.pause
play Plays a song <query>
playat Plays a song from a point m.playat <song number>
playnow Plays a song immediately m.playnow <query>
previous Plays the previous song m.previous
queue Shows the song queue m.queue
remove Removes a song m.remove <song number>
repeat Enables/disables repeat m.repeat
seek Seeks to a specific position <position>
shuffle Enables/disables shuffle m.shuffle
skip Skips the current song m.skip
stop Stops the queue m.stop
volume Views/sets the volume m.volume <volume percent>