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Mod Command Documentation


Mod Commands are commands that only Moderators can use, they often involve some sort of moderative action.


[] = Optional Argument | <> = Required Argument

Name Description Usage
ban Bans a user m.ban <@user> [reason]
bans Retrieves the server's bans m.bans
case Retrieves a case's info <case number>
disable Disables a command m.disable <command name>
enable Enables a command m.enable <command name>
idban Hack bans a user m.idban <ID> [reason]
kick Kicks a user m.kick <@user> [reason]
lockdown Locks down/unlocks a channel m.lockdown [time frame]
mute Mutes a user m.mute <@user> [reason]
pments Gets a user's punishment log m.pments [@user]
purge Purges chat m.purge <message count> [@user]
reason Updates a log's reason m.reason <case> <reason>
sban Soft bans a user m.sban <@user> [reason]
sl Locks down the server <channel slowmode>
unban Unbans a user m.unban <@user> [reason]
unmute Unmutes a user m.unmute <@user> [reason]
warn Warns a user m.warn <@user> <reason>