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Leveling Documentation

Leveling Setup

A leveling system is a way or awarding a user a random amount of XP points with every message they send, this allows you to see which users are the most active in your server, especially if you configure reward roles for certain levels.

Leveling Activation

By default, the leveling system is disabled on your server when you first invite Mila, to active it, simply do m.config -level and react with the green tick emoji.


Level Up Messages

Often times, level up messages become very annoying, this is why Mila disables them by default. However, you can activate them by calling m.config -level -msgs and reacting accordingly, take note that even when enabled, all level up messages are automatically deleted after 10 seconds!

Level Up

Leveling Rewards

Most servers want to reward their active users with special roles whenever they reach a certain level, Mila has a simple system implemented to allow this. To add a reward role, use m.config -level -reward <level number> <role>, removing the reward is as easy as m.config -level <level number>.