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Info Command Documentation


Info Commands are commands that provide external info on a specific thing, generally users.


[] = Optional Argument | <> = Required Argument

Name Description Usage
avatar Gets a user's avatar m.avatar [@user]
bfd Gets BFD info on a bot m.bfd <@bot>
big Enlarges a custom emoji m.big <emoji>
ci Gets info on a channel [#channel]
dbots Gets DBots info on a bot m.dbots <@bot>
discord Gets Discord status info m.discord
ei Gets info on a custom emoji m.ei <emoji>
mi Gets info on a message m.mi <msg ID> [#channel]
ri Gets info on a role m.ri <@role>
shards Gets shard info on Mila m.shards
si Gets info on the server
spotify Gets Spotify info on a user m.spotify [@user]
sr Gets a list of server roles
ui Gets info on a server member m.ui [@user]