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General Command Documentation


General Commands are commands that do very little in terms of work and provide something as simple as, a link to vote, per se. Below is a list of commands we consider to be General.


[] = Optional Argument | <> = Required Argument

Name Description Usage
bug Reports a bug m.bug <bug>
cb Talks to Mila m.cb <sentence>
cl Shows the changelog
config Shows the server config m.config
contact Shows contact info
credits Shows credits m.credits
devs Shows Mila devs m.devs
docs Shows the docs link
donate Shows the Patreon link m.donate
help Provides command help [command]
invite Shows the invite link m.invite
merch Shows the merch store link m.merch
metrics Shows metric data m.metrics
mila Shows Mila's status m.mila
ping Shows client ping
poll Starts a simple poll m.poll <ques> | <ans 1-5>
prefix Shows the server's prefix m.prefix
redeem Redeems a code m.redeem <product> <server ID> <code>
review Submits a review on Mila <review>
shorten Shortens a link m.shorten <link>
specs Shows server specs m.specs
stats Shows statistics on Mila m.stats
status Shows the status page link m.status
suggest Submits a suggestion m.suggest <suggestion>
vote Shows the vote link