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Error Documentation


The Mila Core has to deal with a lot of errors that are randomly launched at it whenever something goes wrong. The error handler built into the core makes sense of the error and calmly handles it, both in the terminal and in an error log. The core also tries to identify the error, if it is one that is quite common and can be expected to happen depending on a user's input, then it is not logged and is calmly returned to the user as a small embed. Throughout this guide you will see a demonstration of each and every common error that will generally happen due to user-based variables.


Input Error

An Input Error will happen when a user doesn't provide a required argument, or the argument is incorrect. For example if you use the m.ri command with a role that doesn't actually exist then an error will be shown. Furthermore if you don't provide a role at all then you will be prompted with an error too.


Command On Cooldown

Some commands have a small cooldown timer to prevent over-use, if a command is found to be on cooldown when it's invoked then you will be prompted to wait for a few seconds before trying again. Not every command is restricted by cooldowns, only the big ones that take a while to process.


Missing Authorization

A Missing Authorization error occurs when you are missing Mila's authorization to do something. This can be found when using the following without authorization:

  • Moderation Commands
  • Developer Commands
  • Bot Staff Commands
This error is probably the least common of the few common errors because dev commands aren't documented and mod commands aren't normally attempted when you know that you can't use them.


NSFW Command

Certain commands contain adult-only content and so, by jurisdiction of Discord Bot Guidelines, must only be usable in channels marked as NSFW. If you attempt to use one of said commands then you will be prompted to try again in an NSFW channel.


Missing Permissions

Sometimes you may attempt to perform a moderator action, however you get an error, this will probably be a Missing Permission error. This error occurs when Mila is missing the necessary permissions to perform certain actions, if she is then you will be prompted by Mila regarding the issue. When prompted, Mila will also tell you which permission is missing, this is useful if you plan to give Mila these permisssions.