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Captcha Documentation

Captcha Setup

Captcha Verification is a form of user legitimacy authentication. When a user joins a server configured with this system, they are required to fulfil a newly-generated captcha in order to gain a role in which gives them access to the server. This is useful because it prevents user-bots from joining your server and causing mayhem. There are a few simple setup steps required before the Captcha Verification system can be used. These steps are documented below for ease of use.

Enabling Captcha Verification

To enable the Captcha Verification, use m.config -captcha and click on the green emoji.


Captcha Logging

If you want to, you can receive logs on everything that happens in your server in terms of captchas. To set this channel, do m.config -captcha -log <#channel>. This setting is optional.


Rules Channel

Every public server should have a channel containing their server rules. Likewise, Mila requires that this channel be configured so that she can remind new users to read the rules beforehand. To configure the rules channel, use m.config -captcha -rules <#channel>!


Waiting Channel

Mila requires a Waiting Channel in order to require new members to use m.verify within, this channel is configured by using m.config -captcha -wait <#channel>.


Member Role

In order to work, Mila requires a configured role to give to members who successfully complete a captcha in order to give them access to the server. This setting is actually the same as the Human Role, if it is already set then you can skip this step, Mila won't assign the Human Role immediately if Captcha Verification is enabled. This step is configured using m.config -roles -human <@role>.


Attempt Allowance

By default, users have 3 attempts at a single captcha before they are required to generate a new one. This can be configured to any number between 1 and 5, inclusive. To configure the setting, use m.config -captcha -attempts <number>.