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Bugs & Suggestions Documentation


Mila is a very large bot in terms of functionality, as a result, mistakes with both code & text are common. The developers often times find themselves fixing a bug that they found by messing around with the commands. However, sometimes, users receive an Unknown Error stating some garbled message that looks like only a programmer could understand it, that's where the bug command comes in.

Bug Hunting

Some users choose to help developers by searching for bugs in a bot just to burn time. You don't have to do this, but just using the bot as you normally would occasionally rewards you with a bug. Once you've found a bug, be it a typo or programmatical error, you can report it via the m.bug command.


Programmatical errors are automatically reported to the developers along with a Traceback that tells the developers how and where the error happened so that the issue can be quickly fixed. However, you can still report the bug if you wish.

Distinguishing Bugs & Errors


A programmatical bug can only be found when Mila sends an Unknown Error, if this is not the type of error message sent by Mila then it is not a bug, but is rather a simple end-user mistake.



An error is the term we use to distinguish a bug from an end-user mistake. These tend to be Input Errors or Missing Authorization errors.


Reporting Bugs

Reporting a bug is as simple as using m.bug <your bug>, this will create a bug report that is sent to the developers where we investigate your issue.



Suggestions are a way of telling us what changes you think we should make to Mila. Submitting a suggestion is as simple as using m.suggest <your suggestion>, the developers will then take a look and, if approved, make relevant changes.