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Blacklisting Documentation


Sometimes you come across a scenario where you want Mila to disable auto-mod for a specific channel or to ignore regular user's commands in a certain channel. Luckily, we've cooked up a way for you to blacklist a certain channel to make Mila ignore it.


All blacklists are case-insensitive

Disable Commands

Mila has an option to disable commands for non-mod users in a specified channel. This process is very simple to do, all you have to do is add <Mila:NoCmd> somewhere in the channels topic, undoing this is as simple as removing it.

Disable Leveling

Certain channels should be ignored when it comes to leveling, luckily, Mila has an option for this. To disable leveling in a specific channel, add <Mila:NoLvl> to the description!

Disable Starboard

Every now and then you don't want people to be able to add stars to messages in a channel because then it'd go onto the Starboard. Luckily, Mila has a way for you to do this, simply add <Mila:NoStar> to the channel's topic to disable starboard usage within that channel!

Disable Message Logging

Sometimes, when Mila has Administrator permissions, she will record any message deletes/edits sent in channels such as the channel for Administrators. The problem is, that means your Moderator team or sometimes even your entire server can read some of those messages. To fix this, all you have to do is add <Mila:NoMsg> to the topic of that channel that you want Mila to ignore.

Disable Auto Mod

Disabling Auto Mod for a specific channel is as simple as adding <Mila:NoMod> to the channels topic. Note that anti-hoist will not be affected, this is because anti-hoist is based on the server, not a channel.

Disable Anti Invite

Occasionally, often for self-promotion channels, you want to allow users to send Discord links but still disallow porn links & message spam. To do this, simply add <Mila:AlwInv> to the channel's topic.

Disable Anti Porn

Adding <Mila:AlwPorn> to a channel's topic will allow people to send pornographic links in a certain channel, by default, Mila already ignores NSFW channels, but just in case, we added this.

Disable Anti Spam

While highly uncommon, on a very rare occasion you have channel that you are fine for people to spam in. So we added <Mila:AlwSpam> to allow people to disable Anti-Spam in a certain channel.