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Setup Documentation


To some, setting up Mila can prove challenging if you're not sure what you're doing. To make it easier for you we've put together a simple guide for this, think of it as a nifty hand-book for Mila.

Inviting Mila

Inviting Mila is pretty simple, all you have to do is:

  • Make sure you have manage server/owner perms on your server
  • Click here to go to the invite page
  • Click authorize
Because Mila is such a powerful bot, she needs a lot of permissions, feel free to replace administrator with everything else but she must have some permission to execute mod actions. Below is an image to demonstrate this!


Server Setup

Mila's configuration options can be pretty advanced and a bit overwhelming at times, to take some weight off of your back, Mila has a setup command that will run you through a process where you can setup a basic configuration.


Some settings accept skip as an option to allow you to leave a certain setting unchanged.

Running Setup

Triggering server setup is pretty simple. Once Mila has joined your server, be sure to run the m.setup command and follow through everything, this will let you set some basic options without having to read Mila's advanced configuration guide.


Custom Prefix

If you answered yes to Mila's first question, Mila will ask you if you'd like to set a custom prefix for the server. If you do, then simply say the prefix, if not then simply say skip to skip the step.


Welcome Message

Once you've done that Mila will ask you to set a welcome message. This is the message displayed on the user log sent when a member joins!


Goodbye Message

Next, Mila will ask you for a goodbye message, this is the same as a greeting message, except it is shown when a user leaves.


Logging Channel

After that, Mila will ask you to mention or provide the ID of the channel that you want to use as your logging channels. This is where all of Mila's logs will be sent, these can be set individually with advanced commands.


Logging Messages

Once you've answered that, Mila will ask you if you wish to log message edits and deletes in the logging channel, react accordingly to your desired setting.


Member Role

Finally, Mila will ask you to provide a member role, this is what is assigned to a member when they join. Think of it as an automatic role that is assigned to everyone that joins.


If Mila is missing the Manage Roles permission then you will not be asked this question.


All Done

Once you've finished the final step, you are done! You've successfully setup a basic configuration that has already given you a taster of Mila's true ability.


Additional Support

In case you need any extra help or support, you can always join Mila's Discord server and the team will do their best to help you out!